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Email, Phone, and In Person Coaching

So You Want to Super-Charge Your Success with Women?

I have a very exclusive “Members Only Program” I haven’t advertised at all, only offering it to friends and their friends who asked specifically about personal coaching.

The reason I’ve never told anyone about it is because I put so much time into my Members that I can only handle a few at a time.

But recently I’ve been able to rearrange some of my commitments to free up some time. So…

I’m going to accept a few more members into my exclusive membership…

Don’t get your hopes up quite yet.

I’m only making a handful of spots available… and you’ll
need to pass my screening process to get in.

There are the two levels of membership I currently have available:


My Platinum Level Membership is your BEST deal for working with me.

Platinum membership includes:

  • Unlimited E-mail access to me.
    Your e-mails get priority and are answered as soon
    as I possibly can. You can ask me anything you want.
  • You also get a one hour phone consultation
    every week
    , and…
  • And an 8-hour IN-PERSON consultation with me every other month.

The 8-hour in-person consultations will be done wherever you want. Most guys have me come to them, but you’re welcome to come here to Vegas and I’ll pick up your airfare (well domestic airfare anyway).

During your 8-hour consultations, I’ll analyze every single aspect of your game and do whatever it takes to make you more successful with women.

If you need some ways to approach women, I’ll do that.

If you want to practice meeting women in bars, on the street, in the grocery store or on the train, we’ll do that.

Basically, during those 8 hours, we’re going to do whatever is needed most at that time for your game.

With Platinum, you get a LOT of personal attention from
me, guiding you through all the “minefields” I’ve already successfully navigated.

The monthly investment for Platinum is $4,995.

SORRY! I currently do not have any Platinum Memberships available. I just don’t have the time right now, though one might be available in late spring or summer of next year.


Gold membership includes:

  • Unlimited E-mail access to me.
    You can ask anything you want about any aspect of your game. I’ll get back to you in 48 hours or less.


  • Personal Phone Counsultations You also get two 30-minute phone consultations every week. If you send me questions before the calls, we can get a lot done in 30 minutes.

I’ll review your game and your progress and keep you on track to meeting more women month after month.

Unlike Platinum, in person meetings aren’t included with
the Gold Membership.

But if you want to come to Vegas,I’ll give you an hour of my time in person for one of your 30 minute phone conversations. I’ll also do my best to move my schedule around so we can go out in the field together.

The monthly investment for Gold is $1,495.

I currently only have 3 spots available in Gold.

This is Only For Guys Who are Serious!

If you’ve read my blog and seen what I’ve done for other guys, you know what I can do for you.

As an Gold Member, you’ll cut years off your learning curve and even if you’re starting from scratch, I’d think we can get you closing women in a month or less.

But if for some strange reason, you don’t feel the program is right for you, there’s no obligation to stay. You can leave at any time and we’ll still part as friends.

By the way… I’m going to be investing a LOT of my personal time, thought and attention in you and your relationship with women, so there are no refunds. That’s why this is restricted to only guys who are serious.

I’ve never offered Memberships to outsiders before. It’s only been available to friends and friends of friends.

It won’t be easy to get one of these spots. I need to make sure we’re a good “fit” together… and I need to make sure I’m only working with guys who are serious.

This is only available to “good guys”. The stuff you’re going to get with this kind of coaching gives you a lot of power over women. And with that power comes responsibility. Not every man can handle that.

in fact, if you don’t think you can responsibly deal with having women crave you, then this is not for you.

Here’s how the selection process will work…

I don’t have time to waste on wishy-washy guys and wussies looking to get free advice… so I set up a little screening process.

If you’re sincerely interested in working with me as a Member…

  • Select which Membership option below is best for you…
  • You’ll need to put down a 10% deposit of the first month’s investment.
    So a $499 deposit for “Platinum” or a $149 deposit for “Gold”. You can use your credit card or Paypal account.

As soon as you do that, I’ll schedule you for a 20 to 30 minute interview by phone. If you have any questions, I’ll be glad to answer them during the call.

If I feel you’re right for the program… congratulations.
You’re in.

If it turns out a Membership isn’t right for you at this time, you won’t be out one single cent. I’ll refund your deposit… and we’ll still part friends.

This isn’t for everybody. In fact, very few people are going to qualify.

But if you’re a guy who wants to super-charge your success with women… AND you can deal with the responsibility of having the power to have women adore you… you’re goign to love this program.

You’ll keep getting better… month after month, year after year.

Please select the “Buy Now” button to get your Gold Membership (Platinum memberships are all taken):

Click below to get your Gold Membership

Sorry, I’m not taking anymore Platinum Members right now.

All the best,

JT Pierce