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How to text a girl you like—Part 2

How to text a girl you like

If you know how to text a girl you like, you can get her interested.

Getting a girl’s number is hard enough, and you don’t want to blow it before you get a chance.

So I want to go over how to text a girl you like when you got her number during a pick up, at class, or at a party.

We are talking about someone you don’t know that well yet, but there’s a chance she’s attracted to you since she gave you her number in the first place.

In yesterday’s post we covered what to text a girl you like if you see her socially in some way. Maybe in class, or on vacation, or you’re both into the same hobby.

But today I want to give you a few texts to send a girl you’re interested in.

How to text girls

These are good starter texts. They’re light and fun and can be used on girls… and I’ve used these successfully with middle aged women.

I know you’re thinking about me. So I thought I would say hi! 🙂

Which do you prefer, pillow fights or bedtime stories?

Cheetos or smores?

Any random “this” or “that” question will work.

I got these from Matt Artisan, a friend here in Vegas. We put together a product on texting girls for more advanced stuff. I’ll put a link to it at the end of this post if you want to buy it.

I stupidly smile at my phone when I see your name on the screen.

The first text listed above is great because it’s fun and flirty. She knows you’re interested, but you don’t give away your power.

The last two are great for following up on anything the two of you talked about earlier when you first met. You can also use something in the news, some random thing about your day, or anything at all.

The idea is to be RANDOM! You want to be a little mysterious here. And you’d think only women of a certain age would respond to this kind of text, but they work on girls in their teens all the way up.

So here’s your assignment:

Simply take the chance and send one of the texts here and see what happens with your girl.

Don’t wait any longer… get your phone out right now and send a this-or-that random text or I know you’re thinking about me, so thought I’d say hi. 🙂

Tell me how it goes! I love success stories.

Oh, and if you want that texting program, you can check it out here.

P.S. I just thought of another text from that program you can use when texting girls…

I’ve got this cute girl from (where every you met her) on my mind. Kinda want to flirt with her, what should I text?

That one is cute too, very effective and shows you’re confident, fun, and not afraid to tell her… in a flirty way… that you’re interested in her without giving away your power.

Click here for yesterday’s post on what to text a girl when you know her a little bit already.

Enjoy! JT

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