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"The same amazing online dating principles that a 32 year old virgin used to get 'de-virginized' In 24 days fills your inbox with messages... eliminates rejection... and has women emailing you almost overnight."

If you've ever dreamed of knowing how to attract women online (so that they become instantly attracted to you)... while watching your inbox overflow with messages ... as you hand-pick the next girl in your life... then this might be the most important message you ever read...


kay, you know me... and you know it's not my style to write something crazy like "get de-virginized in 24 days"...

But that is EXACTLY what happened with one of the guys I worked with, and as long as it's true, why not use it for bragging rights? I'm proud I was able to help!!! :)

BUT, let me back up a bit... until about 6 years ago I was your average guy struggling online. I had a love-hate relationship with internet dating... some days would be great... I'd get a message from a girl, or see that someone checked out my profile, or have a girl reply to me.

The next day everything would absolutely go all to hell. I swear, I'd be standing in front of my computer, frustrated and seething, my mouse over the "cancel profile" button, an emotional hair trigger away from deleting the whole mess and never writing another "About Me" the rest of my life.

Doesn't it drive you nuts?

Fortunately, I'm the kind of guy who will complain to anyone who will listen.

Fortunate because one day while complaining to my buddies, I met Harold Jones. And my life changed forever.

See, Harold was that 32 year old virgin living at home with mom and dad before he developed a method of seducing women online. I figured that if THIS guy could get over a hurdle like that, I better sit up and pay attention. I did, and in a few short weeks after listening to Harold's advice...

  • I had been on dates with 6 different women. (And you should have seen the look on my buddy's faces when I brought home a Vegas cocktail waitress)
  • In one crazy day I had 11 messages from new women.
  • I got at least one email every day. (Where my old technique I would have had maybe one woman every 2 weeks send me a message)

Plus, incredibly...

  • In just 2 months all kinds of women were contacting me: teachers, professional singers, university professors, doctors, nurses, waitresses, business executives, accountants, single moms and an actress... it was unreal.

Well, to make a long story short, we got together and shared secrets. Combining the principles I've used to seduce hundreds of beautiful women offline... with Harold's method of online attraction, to come up with Instant Internet Attraction.

instant internet attraction

This new way of online dating gives you...

   tic A copy and paste email sequence that gets her phone number in 2 messages. (This was a HUGE break-through for me.)

   tic How to tell when it's time to ask a girl out. Warning: Wait too long and you'll end up being pen pals... but ask too early and you could scare her off...

   tic A simple checklist that tells you where you are and what to do next. (This eliminates all those times where you're sitting there... baffled... wondering what just happened or where your girl disappeared to.

   tic Why your online dating success depends on some basic "attraction triggers" ... and how to master them quickly. (Do this and women see you as daring, adventurous... and sexy.)

   tic The two attitudes that get women excited to meet you and how to show you are that guy so she asks YOU out!)

   tic How to get her to chase you by sending mixed signals in your communication. (Using this technique gets her thinking about you 24/7.)

   tic The 7 qualities that will make any woman, from anywhere in the world... no matter where you're traveling or where she's from... become instantly fascinated with you.

But, a word of warning...

The only reservation I have about making this available to guys I don't know is that I don't want any women used or hurt because some guy misused my system.

The principles and methods in this system work, and used the way I explain, they give you a lot of power over women.

So, you are on your honor to only use that power and my methods to make the world a better place. I expect you to use the "campsite rule", which means you leave the women you meet better than they were when you got there.

If you can do that, awesome... I want you on board. If not, please do not invest in this system.

Still with me? GREAT!

I think you're going to love this new system and I want you to be one of the first guys to have it.

Here's the bottom line:

If you are a good guy who just hasn't figured out how to make online dating work for you... AND you're ready to start enjoying the attention and company from multiple women as you search for that one special girl... I want you to get this system right now.

For just $79, you're going to get this advanced method to meet and attract women online easily and methodically connecting with one hot woman after another on any dating site... regardless of whether or not you are good looking or photogenic... For less than what it costs to go to a movie and have a Coke, you're going to have all the tools you need to find the woman of your dreams.

Get your copy right now!

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Use this "weird" method for attracting women online and getting message after message from girls, even if you don't take good pictures, aren't James Bond intriguing, or don't have a Chippendale's body. The techniques have been tested by hundreds of guys (read the letter above for some great stories) and are based on simple facts about women's sexuality that you've probably never understood before now. You'll want to read this entire letter to see for yourself how to use this system to seduce more women!

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