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Writing messages to women on okcupid

Tips for Writing Messages to Women on OK Cupid

Writing messages to women on OK Cupid.

If you’re sick and tired of writing messages to women on Ok Cupid and not getting a response, here is a link to my product on writing first emails that I talk about in the video:
The secret to writing first emails to women

It’s frustrating writing endless emails and not getting a response from women. When I started online dating, NO ONE was writing me back. I’ve since learned a lot about sending first emails.

One of the biggest things is to screen the women you’re thinking about writing to so that it improves your chances of getting a response.

I’ve wasted a lot of time writing women messages on OK Cupid in particular. The video here shows you two things to look out for before you write an email. I’ve got a couple of tips to help you decide which women you should write to, and which women you want to ignore.

Click here for a complete system for writing first emails

Most guys screw up writing first emails, I did when I first started online dating years ago. I used to read a woman’s profile and try to think of something to say to her.

Sometimes I tried to be funny or cute. That rarely worked. I think I ended up sounding desperate.

I would talk about something in a girl’s profile… they didn’t know what I was talking about. I think it had been so long since they wrote their profile that they forgot what I was referring to.

I would ask a question about something they were interested in. No response.

I started sending short messages like, “Hey, I really like your profile. My name’s John, shoot me a message.” No response.

I quoted something from one of their favorite books or movies. No response.

I tried about everything I could think of and for the longest time, nothing worked.

Then I stumbled on a system of writing first emails that women replied to. It was an accident, really. I was just so fed up with it all that I was trying anything at all. And finally something worked!

That system is a system for getting women to reply to your messages on OkCupid, or any other online dating site for that matter. You can get it here.

Talk to you soon—JT

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