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Online dating advice for men—How to manage relationships with more than one woman

Managing 2 women at the same time

How to manage your relationships so that you can see more than one girl at a time.
Okay, I hope everyone is doing well. I’m swamped lately with emails from guys and getting some extras for some of my products to make them easier to use.

And by the way, if I make an update to any product you already bought, you get the extra for free. All you have to do is email and let me know and I’ll have my assistant get you a link to your updated product.

So I want to take a step back real quick and continue with the story of Ross, the guy who wasn’t having any success online dating and how is seeing 2 women exclusively.

In promised that I would tell you how we set it up so he is seeing 2 women at the same time while they are both seeing only him. Oh, and if you want to catch up on the whole story, here it is.

Okay, really this is no big secret. At least it’s going to seem really simple as I write here what we did to get this arrangement for Ross.

But, the thing is that it takes a specific way to think about women and relationships. Ross admits that he didn’t have a clue what that was when he first got personal coaching from me, but we had him thinking straight in no time.

And if you don’t have this way of thinking, dating multiple women at the same time is never going to be a possibility for you. And really, that’s fine because open relationships aren’t for everyone.

But, let’s assume you have the right mentality when it comes to girls and dating and go from there.

Here’s the simple part…

You just tell the girls exactly what you want, what you expect of them, and how you want your relationship with them to be.

Sounds easy, and it is. I’ve been doing it for maybe 15 years and coaching the guys on the thought process to make this a reality for about 8 years.

You just explain that you really like the girl, but you think it’s unrealistic to make a commitment so early in the relationship.

Now “early in a relationship is a pretty vague description of time,and believe it or not, you can say that for at least a year.

you tell the girl you really want to continue to see her, but you might also like to possibly have the option to see other people, and that you want her to do the same.

Now, here’s what happens if you’ve set this up right, and this is where the personal coaching really helps…

She will agree to this deal because she likes you, and for a variety of other psychological reasons that I don’t quite understand myself.

But the bottom line is that she will agree to it. at least in my experience about 90% of the women do.

Oh, and this is a good time to go tell you to IGNORE all the bullshit stereotypes about what “good” women vs. “bad” girls will agree to.

Because in my experience, and I have more than anyone I know, ALL women… of any “type”…
Of any “type”
Of ALL “types” will go for this. It’s amazing what you can get what you learn how to present an idea.

So, do not think that only certain types of girls will go for this. And don’t you dare think any less of the women I’ve been with because they have had open relationships with me.

Anyway, the girls will agree that you can see who you want, and that they will see who they want.

But, the thing is… most women DO NOT see guys other than you.

Now, there have been cases where the girl will see you and someone else at the same time, and those cases are easy to deal with so she is just seeing you if that’s what you want.

But most of the time the girls will either end up in a 3-some with you and your other girl. or they will just see you because they want to win you over and they think if they see only you, you will be more attracted to them and want only them.

Now, there are some very specific ways to handle that situation as well so that no feelings get hurt and the girls end up being better off when your relationship is over than they were when it began.

And before you decide you want to do anything like this, make sure that you have THE GIRL’S best interest in mind. If you do this for an ego boost of your own, it’s just lame and very bad things will eventually happen to you.

If you are interested in learning how to manage your relationships, whether with one girl or a few, let me know and I might be able to help you with a strategy and mind-set to make it work.

And this reminds me of another student I have… he just sent me an email and had his first 3-some. I’ll see if he minds if I tell you about it here.

Talk later!! JT

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  • To understand a woman is really a very difficult thing. Women are very emotional by nature. So do not play with her feelings.

    • JT

      Excellent advice, Jack. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks–JT

  • trevor

    Anyone is a pro if they can manage 2 women at the same time. i tryed this when i was a lot younger but it never worked out. the stress level is waaaaay to much to enjoy the full benefits of 2 women.

  • JT

    lol. Thanks Trev. I AM a pro, but it’s nice to hear someone actually notice that. 🙂 you are right, it takes some balance to manage multiple women at the same time. the most important thing is that YOU have control of the situation and clearly define the nature of those relationships. The girls will take their cue from you and go with it as you’ve defined it, or not… depending on YOUR frame.

    As I say, this is not a situation every guy can maintain. But once you learn to do it, it’s quite rewarding.

    let me know if i can give you some pointers if you’re interested in giving this a try. I can probably help out!


  • Raj

    The management of realation with girl is so difficult because we can’t understand her…..the girl are untrustable bt all are not same…only few are trustable….