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Online Dating Coaching

Discover the Secrets to Getting Beautiful, Interesting Women to Contact You Day After Day, Night After Night.

Imagine, you post your profile and women contact you day and night week after week. You might not believe it, and five years ago I wouldn’t have either.

But I do now. I helped a client put up a profile on Plenty Of Fish 8 days and 14 hours ago.

Twenty-nine women have contacted him since then. That’s more than 3 emails a day for 8 days straight.

Granted, not all of them meet his standards, but there are 4 in there that are ridiculously attractive.

There’s no way he could’ve got them interested that easily in ‘real life’.

Can you imagine what your life would be like if an attractive girl contacted you every other day? That ain’t bad. And if this isn’t happening for you now…

That’s about to change…

Because I will re-write your profile for you so that it’s almost guaranteed that women will write you first.

The rules are different online. You can do and say things in your profile that work online that will get you blown out on the street or in the bar.

And there are things that you can do and say in person that you NEVER use online. A lot of people don’t know the difference.

If you’re like the majority of guys out there, you’re having little or no success with online dating.

It’s not your fault…

The so-called ‘experts’ are giving you piss-poor advice. I don’t know if they’re doing it on purpose so you keep buying their stuff or if they just don’t get it but…

It’s no wonder guys are floundering around blowing their chances to meet hot women online.

They’re being fed the wrong information, told the wrong stuff, and flat out lied to.

If you follow the advice of a lot of these online dating ‘experts’ out there, I’d be surprised if you’ve had any success.

Look… I’ve read just about every scientist paper, every study, every experiment, every bit of research on online dating.

I’ve made it work in the real world of online dating. I’ve written and tested hundreds of profiles to see what works and what doesn’t.

I’ve written online dating profiles for guys for about 3 years now. Profiles that get them more dates than they thought possible.

And honestly, none of that means squat.

What matters is that I’ve taken all that information and cashed it in so YOU can make a killing online.

I’ve done all the work for you.

All you have to do is cash in on my experience and let the women come to you. And yes, it is that easy.

I’ve got a few options for you here:

Magnetic Profiles eBook.

With this option you make your own profile using my cut and paste system. There is a section on headlines, openings, jobs, hobbies, closings… everything you need to create your profile.

The wording in each section comes from the hundreds of profiles I’ve tested. They’re tweaked and fine tuned to make women magnetically (hence the name) attracted to you. All you do is cut and paste.

You also get an in-depth look at what pictures to put up, and what pictures not to post. This section alone can make or break you.

These profiles typically get between one and three messages a day from women. I’m using one now that averages three messages a day on POF and two messages a day on Match. All cut and paste from my book. I use what I sell. It works.

Simply fill out your name and email below to buy the system (it’s $67).

First Name:

Profile Writing Service

With this option I’ll write your profile for you and give you advice on your pictures. I’ll even edit your pictures for you in Photoshop.

We’ll Have a Consultation – Either on the phone or through email (your choice) so I can get to know who you are, your lifestyle and take an in-depth look at your online dating goals. Then…

We’ll Create a Customized Online Profile Just for You – Based on our consultation we’ll generate a complete, custom-designed profile for you that highlights your best qualities. We’ll choose the exact headline, the best pictures, the right interests, and the most interesting things about you to put in your profile so you sound amazing. You’re going to transform yourself into the man women want. Women are going to respond.

Whether you’re looking for a wife or a one-nighter… we’ll create a personal and irresistible profile for you.

We’ll choose the best way to present yourself to make women have to write you.

I’ll either tweak the profile you have or come up with a whole new one that will make women connect with you on a seemingly psychic level.

The cost of this program is only $87 . Enter your name and email to get this great deal!

First Name:

That’s $87 for a consultation on the phone or through email (your choice), having me write your profile, and helping you pick out the best pictures. Oh, and you get my eBook, Magnetic Profiles for free.

This is the best deal I offer as long as you can take the ball and run with it once women start contacting you.

If you want some help going from taking it from your profile to the bedroom, consider this next option…

The Whole Shebang

This program is designed to take you from writing your profile to emailing to setting up your date and taking things to the bedroom.

You get it all.

My eBook, Magnetic Profiles.

Everything in the Psychic Profile Program including…

A personal consultation in emails or on the phone, whatever you want.

I’ll write a customized personal profile for you.

In addition…

I’ll send you my secret file of over 30 pages of personal emails that I’ve used to seduce women online. Response emails, initial emails, follow-up emails, and polite blow-off emails.

I won’t stop there though, you get Advice for Emails and IM .

There are going to be women you want to make first contact with, and up you’re going to get emails, winks, favorited, added and requests to meet from women.

So we’ll get back on the phone (or email) and I’ll tell you exactly what to say to her (based on her profile and what she said in her email) to make her more interested, get her attracted, and move things to the next level.

You get simple, proven methods and strategies for progressing from your first conversation to the bedroom or into a long-term relationship-whatever kind of relationship you want.

It’s time for you to have the women you want in your life. It’s time for you to step up and get yours. It’s time for you to have the success with women you want.

Your life is about to change.

Sign up now and let’s get started.

The Whole Shebang is $497.00, that’s nothing compared to having a world full of women day after day…

Click the Buy Now Button below to get The Whole Shebang.