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Online Dating Messages—How to end your email so she sends a reply

Closing your online dating messages so that women respond

You want your girl to email  you back!

She will return your online dating message if you end your email the right way.

The last paragraph of your email can make a girl send a message back to you…

Or it can have her hitting the Delete button.

Do you know how to get women to reply to your message right away?

Today we are going to go over how to write the last part of your email so she is sure to write you back.

We are going to work off of the example in this post where I wrote a message for a subscriber who thought he’d lost his girl. This is the last paragraph of the message we talked about in this post.

Am I shy at first? Not very often, and if you’re anything like who you are in these messages and in your profile, I think we’ll be fine. And if you end up being some pimple faced 14 year old boy on his parent’s computer, I’m going to be so irritated. 🙂 Oh, and can you cook if I do dishes?

What we are doing here that gets her to respond…

He’s answering her questions in the last paragraph, just because we couldn’t fit it in earlier without making the message too long. (For a second message, keep it pretty short, maybe 3 paragraphs.)

He allays her fears next. She is worried that it’s going to be hard to make conversation if they ever meet. That’s a pretty common worry. A lot of women have been on dates where everything falls apart because no one can think of anything to say.

She knows she’s a bit shy, and she doesn’t want to end up on a date where they are just sitting there looking at each other.

He tells her that things will be fine.

Then he teases a little bit. Tells her that she might be pretending to be someone she’s not.

This is a decent addition to your email because it lets her know that YOU are real. Again, women who have been on a few dates have been awkwardly surprised by how different the person they’re standing there with is than the person whose pictures they saw on the dating site.

To get her respond to your message, do this too…

One thing I didn’t do in this message, that I would recommend you do is to tell her what you’d like her to do next.

Sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes women want to be told what to do. At least they want a man who’s strong enough to know what he wants and to ask for it.

So, ask her to send you a message… I usually write:
“Take a look at my profile and shoot a note back to me quick. Talk later—JT

This lets her know what you want, and you subtly tell her that you EXPECT to hear back from her when you write Talk later. You simply assume that she’s going to like my profile and write me.

Besides letting her know what you want her to do, this shows that you’re confident.

By the way, the message you see here got the girl’s phone number. Here’s the post where we talk about it.

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