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Online dating profile—ways to show high value

Showing high value in your online dating profile

Your online dating profile needs to show high value

Showing high value in your online dating profile is something that we’ve been touching on quite a bit lately. After this post we’ll move on to another major subject, but I wanted to make sure that I gave you a full set of knowledge on this one before tackling the next.

The bottom line is that a woman won’t date you if she doesn’t think your “value” is at least as high as hers–and it’s definitely in your favor to demonstrate higher value. There’s some detailed information and great examples of how to accomplish that in some of our previous posts. But today I’d like to zero in one way in particular: showing that you have had other women that find you attractive.

Just the mere fact that other women who are similar to the one you’re currently seducing have found you attractive makes it a ton easier to get the one you’re after. The best, and boldest way to show this is to actually be involved with one and let her know it. Even bring that one to meet the girl you’re seducing.

Sounds crazy, but bear with me. Crazy is what separates the lonely guys at home on a Saturday night and the guys who have options. Speaking of options, when you first start this you might not have the option of bringing an attractive girl you’re dating to a date with a potential new girl.

In that case, the second best thing to do is to mention that you’ve dated attractive women before. This can be done at just about any point in the seduction, and you can even mention it more than once, but be careful not to over-do it.

First you tell them in your online dating profile, then in an email and finally on the phone. The trick is to be careful and not sound like you’re bragging or arrogant, which will show low value and have the opposite effect. When used in moderation this is a great tool for building attraction. If you’re still in the email stage, try one of these:

“I’ve been very fortunate to have dated some amazing women, I just haven’t found the perfect woman for me yet”.
Or “For some reason some incredibly attractive women have found me attractive and I’m grateful for that.”

Women will only date men who are equal or higher value you must be the guy showing high value in your online dating profile

It’s important for me to tell you that everything you say about your friends or an ex-girlfriend or lover should be something positive. They are all a reflection on you, and if you talk about how stupid and moronic your ex-girlfriend was, then it communicates sub-consciously that you attract stupid and moronic women. Now that may be true, lol, but no woman wants to knowingly be part of that group! So talk about how successful, attractive and wonderful the women you’ve dated in the past have been.

Another thing you can do to show that other women find you attractive is start your emails with something like:

“I only have a minute here and I have to go to the beach, but I wanted to send you a quick note here before I left. I suppose I could have favorited you or something like that, but I think it’s so cheesy when women do that to me…”


“So I just replied to someone here and you know how you get a list of people that Match says you should contact? Well, you and about 8 other women were on that list, but I noticed your headline and wanted to say hi quick before I head out to meet my buddies. Yeah, I could have just favorited you or something, but I think it’s so cheesy when women do that to me…”

Take the time to really get your profile up to speed and it will pay dividends

Or if you’re replying to someone who sent you a message:

“I only have a minute to respond to your email because I wanted to save you for last so I could relax and write you something meaningful. But, I ran out of time and now you’re stuck waiting until I have time to get online again. I haven’t forgotten about you and I promise to get back to you as soon as I can.”

These are some great, copy and paste examples that are from Instant Internet Attraction, and they’re yours to use as you see fit on your online dating profile. If you can tailor them to be relevant to your current conversation, even better.

There are a ton of ways to make the impression you’re after here, and if you have questions feel free to contact me and we can look at your situation individually.

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