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Online dating profile writing that shows high status

Another tip for demonstrating high status in your online dating profile

Your online dating profile is the first thing she’ll see

We talked a little while ago about how important it is to show high status in your online dating profile. The ideas we went over are definitely essential to do so, but there’s one more that I want to share with you before we move on to another subject, and that’s giving her the impression that you’re busy.

One of the best ways to do that is to wait a few days, or even hours to return texts, phone calls or emails. You can send short messages saying that you’d really like to reply, but you don’t have time right now. Tell her that you should be able to give her your full attention the next day.

Your online dating profile will really pop if you can demonstrate high status

When she wants to chat on Instant Messenger, talk on the phone or even meet in person, tell her that you “have plans”. If you keep it vague she’ll wonder if you’re dating someone else. This has the added bonus of showing that other women find you attractive, which is a really powerful attraction tool.

The last one we’ll go over today is something that is pretty easy to add into your dating profile, and that’s showing that you don’t need her. Sometimes women will put “I don’t NEED a man, but would like someone to…”, and this has the opposite effect than she’s looking for. It makes her look desperate. Well, needless to say, DON’T do this in your profile.

Showing in your profile that you’re a busy guy will build value

SHOW her how independent you are by talking about all the things you’re doing, making it obvious that you don’t need a girlfriend—because you’re so busy enjoying your life.

These are some quick tips that when put together with the other profile, email and texting advice that we lay out will really help you get the girl you’re looking for online.

Shoot me a message with any questions or to get your profile up to speed. You can also check out some of the killer products I’ve put together to get women to contact you through your profile writing.


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  • Tiko

    Honesty, manners (being a gentleman), thoughtfulness and concern are what you need. Be considerate of her needs, don’t rush into anything neither of you are prepared for, and be the best bf ever! remember anniversarys, bdays, xmas etc and dont break her heart. Never take her for granted.This all goes for gals too! Remember to treat your boy how you’d like to him to treat you!

    • JT

      Um… yeah. Those *might* be okay if she is already in love with you. But don’t expect to attract her in the first place if you make her the center of your universe right from the word go. You have to be a challenge.

      I agree that this is common advice tho, and it’s also the reason expertise with women isn’t common.

      You DO want to be a good guy and good to her. You just can’t invest more than she is.

  • Jeff C,


    I”m a average looking 41yr old who took your advice, changed his profile and started getting positive results…However, still not what I’m looking for. Either from larger, older, or lonely women than me. Still don’t know what I’m doing wrong. On two different sites I actually have had emails from two younger very attractive women! WOW…However, the one said that she felt the age gap 26 to 41 was too much. On the other site, everything is going good, but when I try to get her to go to Facebook (because the site has no chat) she does not. I have know idea why or what I’m doing wrong???

  • Fredie

    This is an interesting post. I’m 32 years old and I have just started to use online dating services, I started with a dating site in the UK. I hope I made a right choice, but I don’t really know what to do next!( I found one girl I really like, but I’m a very shy person, so I don’t know how to kindle her interest. So I’m glad to find your articles! They are really useful!