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Online Dating Questions Answered—How long should your profile be?

How long should your online dating profile be?

online dating questions about profile length for men

I want to take the time here today to answer an email I got yesterday from a guy who bought Magnetic Profiles because I’ve had a question like this a few times from different guys.

But, before I do…

I want to let you know once again that if you’re a good guy and you’re reading my blog…

And especially if you’ve purchased anything from me, I AM THERE FOR YOU.

I vowed when I started this that no matter how “big” I got, I would reply to every email I got, answer every question guys had, and help in any way I could. And I intend to keep doing that.

It’s me who should be thanking you for making me feel like I’m doing something good in the world by helping you.

So thanks.

And keep sending questions and success stories, and I’ll answer them.


On to my friend’s email…

He writes: “You say that writing long emails to someone you’ve never met sends the message that you have no life, that you have nothing better to do than blab on and on to some stranger .

I wonder myself if a very long profile is attractive? Maybe you send the message that you take too much time on the dating site and internet, so that you have no life, no hobbies? What do you think about that? Because I read on the internet that if an advertisement is too long, nobody wants to read it!!”

First of all, I’m not sure if I said that long emails to a girl show you don’t have a life. And, if I did, I was just quoting something I read.

Because all the PROOF I have shows that long emails work just as well as short emails. There was that study we did a few months ago where we sent all different kinds of messages to women to see what got the best responses from them.

I sent out a lot of long online dating email messages, and if I remember right, around 90% of them got a reply from girls.

Other guys had similar results.

Maybe I’ll write another article on email length.

Anyway… my friend wants to know if a long male online dating profile shows that you have no life and no hobbies.

Actually, that’s the wrong question. What he, and everyone else wants to know is: Will a long online dating profile be more attractive to women?

I don’t know.

I don’t know because I’ve never actually tested it to see if a long or short profile gets more responses.

The profile I have up on OKCupid right now is about 5 (YES 5) pages long and I get at least one message every 2 days.

Now 4 messages a week isn’t a lot, but that profile is long because I write a lot about what kind of woman I’m looking for and who SHOULDN’T respond. I’m very specific about who I want to respond to me and who I don’t.

I’m trying to weed women out. Before that I was getting so many messages that it was taking too long to reply to all the women who emailed me.

By the way, there is a chance that will happen to you too. You will start to get overwhelmed with girls who want to meet you, and you’ll have to start to put things in your messages and profile TO KEEP WOMEN AWAY.

That doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s nice when it does.

So back to the length of your profile…

I haven’t tested it, but here’s my gut feeling…

Your profile needs to be long enough to get a girl to send you a first message or respond to your online dating email.

Your online dating profile has to show you are DIFFERENT than any other guy on the site. That you are SPECIAL.

I think that takes at least 5 paragraphs, in most cases it takes more.

If you just write a short paragraph describing yourself, you don’t stand out. You sound like every other guy on the site. You are just one bag of flour no different than any other bag of flour and there is no compelling reason to pick you.

Now, here’s the thing… and it’s the reason I wrote Magnetic Profiles the way I did… if you follow the method I have in the book, and just use the copy and paste, your profile will stand out.

You will show you are different, special and interesting.

All you have to do is copy and paste. And if you want a totally personalized profile, hire me to write one for you. I’ll even write you a totally one of a kind profile to anyone, at anytime reading this post a profile for 50 bucks. Just email me and tell me you read the deal for 50 dollars and I’ll contact you to get all your information and possibly talk on the phone or Skype.

There is another thing I want to cover in today’s post… this thing about people not wanting to read LONG ads.

That’s bullshit. It’s not a question of how LONG an ad (or in our case an online dating profile) is, what matters is whether or not it’s interesting.

Women will read your seemingly long profile if it’s interesting and pertains to them. BUT, the second you bore them, they’re gone!

So keep your profile interesting. Again, the copy and paste in Magnetic Profiles is written to be different and interesting so women read it and respond.

More on this and some answers to other questions in the email next post.

JT out!

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