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Internet dating—is being rich important?

Just like in the real world, guys in the internet dating community worry about this

Let’s talk about a subject that a lot of guys worry about when it comes to internet dating. Well, worry might not be the right word, but nonetheless it is something that warrants a little attention. It’s the idea that being wealthy or having money makes it a lot easier to get a girl.

You know you see it, probably several times a week even–a chubby, not particularly attractive guy with a smoking hot woman. What’s the first thing that goes through your mind? “He must be rich”. Right? Not necessarily.

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Internet dating tips—more about maintaining high status

Internet dating takes a lot of work, but it’s worth it

Since it really is important, I’d like to go over a bit more on having perceived “high status” when internet dating. I’ll probably do one more on it as well, and then we’ll move on to a different subject. Bear with me here, it’ll help you out I promise!!

Aside from what we went over **last time**, another way that women process status is that they just assume that guys they meet in certain situations have similar status as the other guys they see in those situations. Now this doesn’t always bode well for you when you’re dating online because there are some really freaking weird guys out there trying it. Now there really aren’t a lot of them, but they do draw a lot of attention to themselves. Your value automatically goes down just by being in the same general category as these nut burgers. For some reason the reverse is not true…there are a lot of crazy women dating online, but it doesn’t make us lump them all in that category. Must be because we’re horny bastards ;-).

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Internet dating—some points to consider about being high status

Internet dating is tough, but it doesn’t have to be impossible

Alright, I’ve been harping on the cocky funny thing while internet dating for a while now…I think you need a break from it for a bit. So let’s tackle another online dating necessity before we get back to the cocky funny rant—deal? Deal.

I’ve talked a bit before about how important being high status is when making a women prove herself to you, especially on an internet dating site. I want to reiterate here that this is a key element to any seduction. If you look at any of my products where I break down real life seductions, you’ll see that the focus was always creating and maintaining high status.

This is such an important factor because a woman will ONLY have a relationship, of any kind whatsoever, with a man who has equal or greater status than she does.

Your status can be defined as how desirable you are to a girl at any given point in time. That, by definition, means that your status is subjective and can change as situations change. It’s not that you have to actually be a high status person. You can create the image of having high status depending on where you are, what you say, what you’re doing and how you act in certain situations.

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Cocky funny–again

Cocky funny isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

I’m gonna beat this cocky funny thing to death eventually, but I really want to hammer a couple things home over the next couple of posts. It’s been bugging me lately.

Here’s the thing. Humor doesn’t make you attractive to a woman. Getting her to laugh at you doesn’t make the woman attracted to you.

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Cocky funny advice for your emails to women

Being cocky funny has its ups and downs

There’s a lot of talk these days about being cocky funny in your emails to women you meet online. Well, that does work to some extent, but I’ll reserve my judgment and critique of that approach for another day.

Instead I’d like to touch on a couple of things that you need to keep in mind when you do that. First off, you need to be extra careful to make sure you keep things light and playful. Since the she can’t read your tone, it’s easy to come off as a cocky jerk to the woman you’re messaging. And the cocky a**hole persona just is not going to work.

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