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Dating Products for Men

Congratulations on finding your way to my products page…

Your life with women is about to change as you take advantage of over 30 years of trial and error JT went through. You can get personal coaching here, or…

Check out these systems that are packed with new methods and techniques guaranteed to bring you instant results. These products are the best ever developed for meeting and attracting women. And they go beyond that and show you how to become the man you always wanted to be…

Inbox Overload

This is the ultimate system for getting women to reply to your messages. If you are sick and tired of the women you want to talk to you never responding to your messages, this is perfect for you. It’s a complete copy and paste email system ready to go for you. You get The Charmed Sequence which is a series of pre-written messages you send out when I tell you to and in the order I tell you to. This series is responsible for getting more guys into relationships than any other product online. There are video tutorials on each module, that walk you through the step-by-step process of online seduction. You get The Email Black Book. This is a full on index of every email you will ever need to attract women online. You just copy and paste your way to bed. There are loads more documents, files, videos, audios and a checklist waiting for you in the Member’s Only Area. If you want your inbox jammed with messages from women who want to date you, buy this now and in a few minutes you will be on you way!
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JT Pierce Letter

get the newslettter
This offline, paper and ink newsletter is your ticket to connecting with that one special woman and keeping her forever.This newsletter is the realization of a dream for me and if you get it the first time you see the special offer, you get a great discount!Every month I take questions and of course send you your newsletter packed with attraction-secrets.Discover not just how to seduce women, but also the path to becoming the man women are naturally attracted to!This newsletter is my baby and I pour my heart and soul into it each and every month.
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Magnetic Profiles

magnetic profiles products
Are women looking at your profile and not sending you messages?Or worse yet, not even clicking on your profile at all?Do you send messages that never get a reply?If you’re tired of women ignoring you online, then this letter is a MUST READ for you…
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Texting Women

texting women products
Do you want to get her attention with a text but don’t know what to say?Need some great texts to build attraction, flirt, and set up your next call?If you have her number, all the texts you need to seduce her are right here…
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Instant Internet Attraction

Mens Dating Products - Instant Internet Attraction
Are you tired of hearing how all these other guys are having success meeting women online and it’s just one big effort in frustration for you?Well here’s your answer.My Instant Internet Attraction Series gives you 4 mp3’s of coaching, covering almost every single aspect of meeting and attracting women online. Plus pdf’s you can relax and learn from at your leisure.I take you from the first email… all the way to the bedroom.This is my best home study course on meeting women online…

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New Realities

Use NLP to retrain your subconscious and become the man girls lust for.If you want to get on the fast track to seduction, you need to have the right mindset.This relaxation mp3 can be used anywhere to get you in the right frame.All you do is listen to it at home relaxing or before you go out and it gets you in the perfect mood to be social and meet women.
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How to be More Outgoing

If you are ever stuck on the outside… wishing you could just go up and talk to people and be noticed, but you didn’t know how…Then this is a great program to help you get out of your shell and be the fun, outgoing person you really are.There are 20 mp3’s all designed to more you forward and have you meeting people and being social in no time.
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Spy on Your Competition

Have you ever wondered what other guys are saying to women online? What their messages say and what their techniques are for their email messages?Well, I set up a fake profile and My God did the messages from guys pour in.With over 200 messages you can spy on your competition and see EXACTLY what they’re saying to women… So that you can copy their best stuff.(Plus, some of these are just funny!)
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