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Writing to attract women in your online dating profile and emails

How to write a dating profile and emails to attract women

How to write a dating profile to attract women starts with how you make them FEEL.

Okay, we’re figuring what works when initiating contact with a woman from an online dating site. Basically the focus is on what to say when writing your profile and first email message.

We are at the stage now where guys are writing their own messages as we continue to beta test. I’m seeing the same problem coming over and over again.

And that’s how to write a good profile for online dating…

You have to write your online dating profile and messages so that they attract women. So WOMEN feel an emotional connection with you after reading your messages.

If your buddy Bob thinks you have a great profile, I don’t care, and neither should you. All that matters is that WOMEN like it. And that means we have to write in a certain style.

What I’m about to tell you I learned from JD Fuentes. He has some really good books out, and the stuff I talk about here is from his first, and I think his best book, The Sexual Key. I don’t make any money if you buy this, but I’m sure JD will appreciate it.

jd fuentes

How to write a good profile for online dating for men

Fuentes says we should use bubblewords and sensewords. Basically these are words and phrases that evoke EMOTION in women. They get women to FEEL. And that’s what you have to do to write a good male online dating profile.

So when you’re writing a girl back, don’t say “I enjoy hiking too, we should go together sometime.” What you want to do is describe how hiking makes you feel and paint a picture of what it’s like when you’re hiking: “I love the rustling of leaves, smell of the air and total sense of freedom I get when I’m out hiking in the mountains.”

See the difference there? You want to describe the experience with as many different senses as you can (in case you forgot they are see, sight, smell, touch and taste). These are words that Fuentes calls “sensewords”.

The other set of words are bubblewords. These are words that mean different things to different people. In the example above the word “freedom” is the bubbleword. I could have used “calm, peace, oneness” or anything like that. The idea is to use words that she can interpret any way she wants, and in a personal way.

The word “oneness” has a different meaning for you than it does for me. But if I say it, and you get your image of oneness, even if it’s different than mine, we make a connection because you think I understand how you feel.

It’s that connection we’re after. Notice that bubblewords for our purposes are always positive. They are feel good, often esoteric, spiritual words. Because, of course, those are the kinds of things that are hard to define and make us feel good. We want her to relate feeling good to us. And we want to make this connection on a level outside of the physical plane we’re living in.

person standing over esoteric scene of lake

When people say they connect on another level, it usually means that they understand each other, and using bubblewords and sensewords in combination makes a girl think you understand her.

Plus, if you do this, you’ll start to see the world, or at least think about the world, from a woman’s perspective. I think part of the reason I’ve been so successful with women is that I’m able to turn this kind of thinking on at any point in the seduction. So I can create those deep, starry-eyed moments or intensify them using this way of communicating.

Now, for your online dating profile, you want to use bubble and sensewords too. Just don’t overdo it. In the most successful profiles I’ve written for guys we use them a little bit when describing their job, and a lot when talking about their interests and hobbies.

The results are amazing.

For more on writing your online dating profile, check out this post.

Many of you probably already have my book on writing online dating profiles including how to write emails so that women give you their phone number in 2 messages and what to do if you (for some God-awful reason) have to initiate contact. If not, get over to this page and buy Magnetic Profiles right now. 🙂

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